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My name is Robert Henslee and I founded Coaching By Subject Experts as a result of government shipping IT job overseas. Many of us in the business ended up with pink slips and no job. No one was hiring so we formed the company and hired ourselves. We needed jobs for our engineers and executives. This was our solution to the poor economy, and it worked!

Our company started out as a rag tag group of marketing executives, lawyers,  agency owners, real-estate investors and software engineers from the rocket plant (UTC defense industries) and laid off NASA engineers looking for work. We were hungry. If you were recently laid off see our call to action for SME’s.  SME CALL TO ACTION

Some of the the best people in the business are here at CBSE. Over time we built up a good client base by offering high quality out of the box web marketing solutions and turn key internet advertising packages for much less than our offshore competitors. We had no choice as many of us needed to keep the roof over our heads and feed the kids. We needed to make our solutions work and that they did. Better than anyone could have ever imagined.

As a result Coaching By Subject Experts was born.  A group of subject experts with serious talent and experience with an understanding of what it takes to run an on-line business. We morphed into a viable business concern with a mission statement to help everyone we could affected by the economic disaster while taking care of our friends & families. Then CBSE actually started making a profit mainly because of the referrals of happy corporate clients. We will help you too if given the opportunity.

Coaching By Subject Experts (CBSE) is now an international on-line marketing and coaching concern that unites small business owners across the globe and offers them the opportunity to successfully compete on a level playing field with major brands, and helps market themselves and meeting the ever-increasing demand from their discerning clients using custom made marketing assets. We are a community helping each other, won’t you join us? Can we help you?

CBSE clients  have the chance to take control of their digital marketing efforts – how it’s defined and represented, and how it will grow and evolve in the future working together with other successful business owners.

CBSE is marketing brands while adding adding great products to our on-line offerings. If you have a great product or service be sure to get in touch today. We can help you get the message out. We can provide you with all the marketing assets and show you how to use them.

To date we are an international concern servicing over 30 countries and growing. We publish a very large news letter to CEO’s & CMO’s around the world. Please click on the graphic below to learn how we can get your message out.


CBSE members have access to an ever-growing community of experts needed for building, expanding and maintaining their digital offerings. We seek a community model for our clients if possible.

CBSE members also have access to ‘untapped’ customers, over the top marketing tools, resources, news and business executives — ultimately benefiting from a number of powerful partner distribution channels that will deliver incremental upscale revenue streams.

CBSE provides counsel, hosts events, promotes your enterprise, gives access to research papers, webinars, industry reports, and a whole host of helpful and practical education and business development resources.

In addition, CBSE offers personal career development opportunities through its many course offerings, conferences, collateral, sales & promotional materials and tips, publications and special projects.

CBSE connects clients and companies that understand your business and this special niche within the industry. So please join our community. We are developing a community marketing models in many verticals and invite you to join us.

Small business concerns understand the need and the power of collaboration. Being a member of our CBSE community to compete with the giants of the industry is — simply good business sense for you. Get in touch today.

CBSE members are comprised of a specialized group of people who are living the challenges of our times and are working together to find critical and effectual solutions. Please join us in our efforts to make small business successful today. Get in touch and introduce yourself.

I am looking forward to meeting each one of you personally.

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Robert Henslee


P.S. This website is a work in progress. Much more coming soon. If you spot any “bads” please let me know.

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