Colorado DUI Hot Spots

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This could and will happen to you !

If you don’t fight for your rights you won’t have any

Police won’t let me know if I’m being detained (I broke no laws), they use their K-9 to false alert on my car giving themselves permission to search my stuff, and lie about me having illegal drugs in my car. They eventually let me go with no charges.

Another reason why I disagree with checkpoints: In America, you are innocent until proven guilty. At checkpoints, that is pretty much reversed. In the future, I recommend that all motorists record their encounters with law enforcement.

You’ll have no rights unless you fight for them. You are NOT a slave and don’t let these so called officials push you around. If you need a good lawyer to fight for your rights click the button below.

 Concentrations of fatal Colorado DUI hot spots

CO DUI map

This map displays concentrations of fatal Colorado DUI hot spots. Clusters of DUI fatalities highlight the most dangerous areas where drunk driving accidents occur. Each icon on the map represents the location of a DUI motor vehicle crash that resulted in a fatality. 


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According to the CDC, 36 people die every day due to drunk drivers. The national annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than $51 billion. The drinking and driving fatality data is obtained from the National Traffic Safety Administration.

DUI Animation

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