Colorado Marijuana Smokers Beware


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Colorado Marijuana Smokers Beware – It’s now legal to buy pot for recreational use in Colorado, but it’s still not legal to drive while you’re under the influence

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In Colorado, a DUI case usually begins with a traffic stop after the officer thinks the driver looks or is acting suspicious. If you’re stopped in Colorado the officer will first administer a roadside sobriety test, which you can refuse to take, without a penalty.

Then the officer decides whether to make an arrest. After an arrest, a blood test is administered, either on site by an ambulance or at a local emergency room. You can refuse this test, however, the penalty is harsher than a DUI conviction.

Colorado has legal blood limit of 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood, which means regular users can fail the test even if they didn’t smoke marijuana on the day of driving.

The Colorado State Patrol is warning people that police will be vigilant in enforcing DUI laws, so remember to not drive under the influence of marijuana.

And don’t forget – Colorado Marijuana Smokers Beware!!!

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