Colorado Recreational Marijuana Now Legal


Well it’s a big deal in Colorado as it is the first state in the nation to open recreational pot stores and become the first place in the world for marijuana be regulated from seed to sale.

Pot by the way is the most popular recreational drug in America after alcohol tobacco according to all of the marijuana reform groups.

As it turns out the voters of the state wanted it and now the law is in the Colorado Constitution after 65% of the voters said yes to legalizing recreational marijuana.

And of course there are the usual legalizes arguments about how pot is less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco and how legislation would save taxpayers $10 billion a year annually on in forcing the prohibition.


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Retail weed will have a 25% state tax plus the usual state sales tax at 2.9% making recreational pot one of the most heavily taxed consumer products in Colorado. Some communities are adding even more taxes to the product.

As it stands right now you won’t be allowed to smoke pot in public and in fact even smoke in the pot shop or other establishments governed by the state clean indoor air act. This leaves the smoking to pot on private properties with owner’s permission.


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Communities and counties can still choose not to allow recreational marijuana stores in their local jurisdictions, and a good many towns have, such as Colorado Springs and Greenlee. Meanwhile, ski resorts are concerned about lighting up while on the slopes with smoke intruding on family settings.

What About DUI?

A motorist in Colorado can be ticketed for impaired driving if his or her blood shows more than 5 nano-grams of active THC, the active constituent of marijuana, NORML says on its website.

Some users will fall below that level three hours after consuming pot, but “some people will still be well above 5 ng,” NORML says. “Do recognize that the effects of alcohol and marijuana together may be more than the sum of their parts.”

Some analysts describe impairment as a guessing game, depending on the person.

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