Colorado’s Proposed Marijuana DUI Law Creates Legal Inferences

Posted Michelle Jones May. 15, 2014 @ 11:17 am

Colorado Marijuana THC DUI Inferences Bill Passes Vote in House.

DUI attorneys say there is a lack of science for THC blood tests compared to alcohol testing in DUI cases.There is up to 30 years worth of science considered for an alcohol related DUI. Therefore, Colorado”s proposed marijuana DUI law creates legal inferences.


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This latest bill is better than the last, but it still needs work. Jurors rely on the bill to determine if someone is legally impaired while driving.( A legal limit.) What is not considered is a persons tolerance and metabolism. Which is a case by case factor. So Colorado”s proposed marijuana DUI law creates legal inferences.

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The law is you can not smoke and drive.  Law enforcement is training and certifying officers to be what they are calling Drug Recognition Experts (DRE). If a law enforcement officer pulls you over and thinks you are under the influence he/she can ask for a blood sample. You may opt out without penalty, however,  it is up to the officer’s discretion whether to arrest you or not. If you are arrested a blood test will be requested. The sample is taken by either an ambulance or at a local emergency room. You may also refuse that test, but the penalty is harsher than a DUI conviction.

So regardless of how YOU feel about your state of mind after indulging it is probably best NOT to drive after smoking marijuana. Colorado”s proposed marijuana DUI law creates legal inferences.

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