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 Just what is content marketing ?

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Social has its own search and it’s not Google.

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Video specifically YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, outstripping Bing, Ask, AOL, and and all others in sheer volume of searches monthly. All Internet traffic now is trending toward mobile and seven out of 10 new Internet connections are these mobile devices. Mobile is changing the nature of search because mobile users have a tendency to do video search before contextual search. it’s just a matter of time before YouTube becomes the number one search engine in the world

YouTube Search

Twitter manages  well in excess of 2.1 billion queries every day. Facebook’s own search engine handles an estimated half billion or more  on a daily basis and because the new product developments,


Facebook is rapidly overtaking Google contextual search. Facebook search is a very powerful search engine that may indeed dominate contextual search in the very near future. Facebook has Superior privacy model and as a result, trending a larger installed base than Google.


I read the other day that SEO is dead according to a popular Forbes article. However I would debate search is becoming social and no longer dominated by Google.

If you want market share you will need social content. That’s what we do here a CoachingBySubjectExperts we build social content that’s specific to social search by platform.


The new power of social search demonstrates first of all, the importance of a market presence (product, brand) on social media platforms. Second, however, it highlights the importance of the quality of brand presence across the internet.

For entrepreneurs who aspire to recognition and authority within their field, it pays to build relationships vendors who have answers.

This new form of Social SEO demands that you have a social footprint from a contextual perspective.  Whether you’re running a business, selling a gizmo, or serving the needs of others, your results in the social search matters.

We build content for social search too. If you need your gizmo product or brand to have a marketing presence on the Internet, click the button below to get in touch with us we can help you in a major sort of way. There are so many things we would like to tell you.

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