CPU Random Spikes 100 percent

Dell’s M6xx family of computers are destroying our business and costs us 10’s of thousands of dollars and Dell refuses to honor their support contracts with double talk.

The moral of the story Dell screwing small business owners everywhere in my opinion.

CPU Random Spikes 100 percent

My take. This situation should remind enterprise buyers to work with trustworthy vendors who have demonstrated willingness to acknowledge and fix problems in a timely manner. The need for trust applies equally well to hardware vendors, software vendors, and consulting companies. Most large initiatives encounter unexpected challenges somewhere between start and completion. Therefore, the true measure of a vendor becomes their willingness and ability to help customers overcome difficulties that arise. Not hide, ignore and screw them – Who needs that

 If you want to fix your Dell machine (CPU Random Spikes 100 percent) you might start by giving it a blow job !


Here’s Our Story

We are just like any other small business in America, struggling to survive. So it’s very important every single equipment acquisition work as advertised or we lose money.

As a small business, we depend on our computers to work, they are the lifeblood of our business. So we buy the best or at least we thought we bought the best. Let me tell you our story about Dell’s M6XXX and how this once loved computer Corporation failed us miserably and ripped us off costing our company tens of thousands of dollars in my opinion.

It all started less than 24 months ago. We do a lot of video work with high-end graphics on behalf of our clients. We were looking for the best computers to facilitate these tasks in our organization.

We have always been for many years now a Dell shop and have come to rely on them providing us with the best computing solution on the market. Now we find out we got totally screwed. Let me tell you how.

We purchased six of the Dell M6600 machines less than 24 months ago. A few months ago we started having major problems. These machines started CPU spiking at hundred percent and locking up.

They did so randomly over a period of time and incrementally started failing such to the point unable to do any work. The machine without service contracts were trashed this was allot of money for us eat. We didn’t understand what was happening and of course Dell didn’t own up to any challenges so we were totally screwed by the brand we trusted.

CPU Random Spikes 100 percent


As luck would have it my personal machine started CPU spiking 100 percent. I wasn’t too worried, I had full service contract or so I thought. My first call to Dell was to my premium support number. After months of rebooting and reloading this and reloading that, I finally called and started complaining about the machine’s behavior.

I provided a link to the results of engaging with Dell premium support so the rest of the small business owners in America can decide whether or not they want to buy equipment from such a poor computer equipment provider. See bottom of page.

To make a long story short after months of aggravation, missed client delivery deadlines, loss of data and hundreds of man-hours on the phone, the problem was finally resolved to a known design flaw with the M6XXX product line by a third party.

Because of this design flaw which the manufacturer completely denies and refuses to support this company has ripped off millions of dollars in my opinion from small business owners all over the world with these machines.


Put simply, these machines overheat, and when they do the CPU spikes 100 percent and renders the machine completely useless. There’s no amount of diagnostics that will reveal the truth of the matter.

The clue is while a machine is showing 100% CPU spiking there are no jobs running on the computer. This will eventually corrupt your installation and destroy all your data. We call it the Dell heat virus.

Dell is very much aware of the situation but has elected to keep its head stuck in the sand and letting you the small business owner shoulder the cost of their design flaws. This is unforgivable by Dell management, totally brand damaging and I can think of no better way to piss off your best corporate customers.  Totally marketing BAD. Dell’s competitors must be grinning from ear to ear.

We as a company been damaged in excess of $5000 because of this nonsense and we are tired of the circle jerk we are receiving from the senior Dell executives with regards to supporting our paid for support contracts that turned out to be absolutely worthless.

CPU Random Spikes 100 percent

Okay I agree that my rant here is not going to help you fix your computer. So let me tell you how to fix it. Just give it a blow job and cool it off and it should work without any problems. You will have to keep blowing on it to keep it running. Yes these computers run hot and have serious design flaws that Dell is completely aware of. If you don’t blow on it the machine will self destruct and eat all your data and the OS. Screw you.

Let me illustrate. Look at the M6600 picture below. Note the M6600 has inadequate ventilation to keep computer cool and that Dell was completely aware of this because when the M6800 series machines came out, they redesigned the ventilation system in an attempt to correct this over heating problem that they are keeping secret. Screw the rest of you that purchased the Dell M6600 machines. Hows that from a brand you thought was great. Intentional disregard (like the GM ignition switch)  Screw YOU small business owners across America. Eat it!


Note: the two SMALL cooling ports on the machine below which is very poor design and causes this machine to run HOT with CPU spiking destroying all user data and the machine. Your screwed

m6600 CPU Random Spikes 100 percent

Note: the redesigned cooling vents on the M6800 machine (picture below) which demonstrates Dell knows of this problem running HOT with CPU spiking destroying all user data – but they stuck it to all small businesses who purchased this machine because it fails after the warranty and if you have an extended warranty click on the link below and see how you will be treated. You got screwed by Dell in my opinion. I know we did !

m6800 CPU Random Spikes 100 percent

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rest of the story

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Behavior which isn’t new news to many ONCE loyal laptop owners they did it 11 million times according to court documents


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