Dell Precision M6600 M6800 Review

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 M6600 Runs Hot & Cooks Itself  (20 something months) Known Design Flaw – Very Poor Investment Click to learn more

If your application is mission critical Dell’s NOT for you. Just look at their rating by great customers like you. Click on the rating below for more information and learn how Dell’s treating its best customers.
Dell isn’t the company we all once knew and loved

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Click below and learn more about GREAT Dell support and user experiences

Hate Dell

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Click Rip Off Alert below to lean HOW you may be ripped off by Dell’s design flaws

This company failed to recall known defects at YOUR expense!

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Click on me to learn how Dell ripped off thousands from our company

Dell’s  Support Contracts Are Worthless !

Over 100,000 people have read this page to date from all over the world – We are still waiting for Dell to honor  support contracts – To date

No Joy!

Update 05-14-2014 The two Dell employees (below) called today and informed me all our service contracts are canceled – This is the kind of support you can expect from Dell. In my opinion small business owners would be foolish to use this equipment for mission critical applications because this company doesn’t honor support contracts.

My Answer – Click Here

Mouse Over Click  Each Items Below For More Information – Over 2000+ complaints Mr. Dell got your ears on good buddy?

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Thinking About Buying Dell?  Think Again ! Look @ What Others Are Saying About Dell’s Support

Just a few of the thousands of pissed off customers which trusted the Dell brand. Something changed here. Karen Quintos are you listening? Can you hear your customers roar? Do something


And Dell will continue to lose thousands of customers until they do

Karen Quintos can you help me to get my service contract honored?

4 out of 6 machines died M6600’s overheating less than 24 mths

Dell stiffed us on service contract too  

Their next day service contract worthless 45 days for a replacement that didn’t work!

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We are out of pocket $3500.00 and about 200 man hours to fix this – Click graphic below to learn more about the idiot in charge of Dell’s support

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Took 45 days for replacement  !

Took over 45 days and the machine they delivered had no installed applications so they sent a machine with absolutely nothing on it completely worthless. None of the software keys worked. Left us high and dry with our mission critical application..

This manager was never available for weeks and failed to return calls.

Below find the double talk you’ll get if you need your service contract.  Absolutely worthless. Don’t waste your money !

obama giff

Dell’s Support Is Like Obama Care – Both Have Much In Common – Read Below

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DEll 3

Read this double talk carefully WHY Dell doesn’t honor their service contracts.

The machine they shipped 45 days later didn’t have ANY software on it requiring us to reload all the layered products with old keys that didn’t work.

Left us with a battle with Microsoft to get them to honor the original keys.  Maybe a 100 additional man hours. This is Dells idea of service for a mission critical business application.  Obviously Dell doesn’t care about small business. 

Dell Dropped The Ball And Left Our Company Standing On Our Head – So Much For The Dell Next Day Advantage ! Took Over 45 Days and What They Delivered Was A Total Joke ! No Software

These Guy’s Are Idiots – Good Thing They Have Jobs Because They Have No Clue What It’s Like To Run A Company.

Where Does Dell Find These People?

fired 11

Then after failing to honor our support contract – In my opinion the moron below (Dell employee) should be fired. Do you get what he did? We paid $3500.00 for the repair of the machine under contract (because Dell failed to respond), then this Dell employee below cancels our service contract which we paid for because we won’t send the the computer back we paid to fix because Dell dropped the ball.  What an idiot.

This is the kind of service you can expect to get from Dell?  Blackmail. Holding our support contracts hostage unless we comply.

Mr Dell you want to fix your support problems – this would be a good place to start.  In my professional opinion I would suggest to get rid of personnel like this.

This Dell employee (below) was VERY RUDE to me and hung up on me. Look how he ridicules me for suggesting I may need to contact Michael to get the service I’m entitled and paid for. Surly a company such as Dell can do better than this?


Hello Mr Henslee,

I want to thank you for discussing your issue with the compensation.  Per discussion currently at this time I will not be able to refund the cost for the third party service or release the M6600 at no cost to you.  I am sorry but unfortunately, the warranty on the M6600 is on hold until one of the two systems returned to Dell.

I understand that you will contact Michael Dell to address this issue.  All Michael Dell escalations managed by the REC executive escalations queue.  I will go ahead and archive this case at this time, if later you need a return waybill created.  Please let me know and I will email one to you.

Thank you,
Henry Boudreaux

Team Lead | Executive Escalations

Dell | Client Resolution Expert Center, Global Services

Phone +1 512-513-6057; 800-822-8965 ext 513-6057

Work hours: 9:00am-6:00pm Central, Monday – Friday
Many of the tools that Dell technicians use are online and available to you. You can download drivers, software updates, or search Dell’s extensive Knowledge Base and FAQs. For online support 24/7, visit

Mr Henry – As I communicated on the phone – You may be done with this case and closed it but I’m not. I will find somebody @Dell who can resolve (who actually cares about good customers) without holding our company service contracts hostage. That I can promise you. It would be in your best interest to take care of this matter and provide the services we paid for without delay.
Dell senior management take note: In my opinion, an individual pulling this on our best customers working for us, would be looking for a new job in the morning. This is really poor professional behavior threatening good customers and blackmailing clients in this manner. 

Mr Dell & Karen Quintos  did you know your employees are blackmailing your good customers with service contracts? No wonder you have so many pissed off customers. 

Attention Would Be Investors – Why Would You Invest In A Company Which Allowed Employees To Treat Great Customers In This Manner? 

Join The Dell Happy User Experience. She paid 5k for the machine and support. Now she’s fixing it herself. Hello are you listening Dell?


Dell no longer the brand it once was – this isn’t the Dell we used to know. Something horribly wrong at Dell. Seems to be management related – like not caring about their best customers

Tumbs down Extreme processors: No task is too big. The Dell Precision M6800 Mobile Workstation delivers no-holds-barred processing capabilities with high-performance 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme, i7, and i5 processor options. (runs hot)High-performance graphics: Responsive AMD FirePro™ and NVIDIA Quadro® graphics options with up to 8GB2of GDDR5 memory keep pace with demanding 3D rendering and other graphics-intensive tasks. (no support) 05

We got RIPPED OFF specifically with Dell  support. Doing business with Dell cost us OVER $5000.00 to fix a machine we had paid for “next day service contract” – What A Joke – Dell ripped us off

Computer 11

Paid for “next day” replacement 

21 days into the failure we had to send our Dell machine to a 3rd party and paid $3500.00 to fix the Dell system under contract.

45 days later when Dell finally shipped a machine with no software, they demanded the machine we paid to fix. ( The old software keys didn’t work leaving us with a battle to fight with Microsoft that took weeks to resolve) Thanks Dell for your laziness.

If you’re a small business this isn’t the kind of support you need to run your business. We spent well in excess of 200 man hours to “fix” Dell’s technical support issue which they elect to do nothing about. This single event cost us in excess of $5000.00. That’s Dell’s idea of support.


Don’t buy a computer from these people “Dell” they even rip kids off with support contracts

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Attention Michael Dell You Have A Challenge In You Support Department

Get RIPPED OFF Get Dell!

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Mr Dell – You Support IS Broken

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FAcebook Dell

Please share your Dell support story below


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