DUI Laws Run Amuck In America

No More 5th



Watch video below to learn how you lost your 5th amendment rights in America regarding DUI and learn why the police are NOT your friends

This is what they do now! Ready to be strapped down like a slave while government terrorists takes your blood forcefully for a misdemeanor? Watch the clip for the shock of your life.


Our constitution requires a warrant before evidence can be forcefully taken. In many states if you are stopped, asked to submit to a breath test and refuse (remember the 5th Amendment and your right not to incriminate yourself)—A’Blood Unit’ will be called to the scene, you will be strapped down and a Nazi officer will forcible take your blood on the spot. Yes, this is happening in America. 


Forced blood draw coming to your state soon


The Fifth Amendment should protect Americans from self-incrimination. You can choose not to answer questions (“I plead the fifth”) rather than answer in a way that could harm their cases. Further, more if a suspect refuses/withholds evidence, that refusal cannot be entered as evidence in court. The Sixth Amendment grants criminal suspects the right to an attorney – that is, the right to consult with a lawyer before proceeding with police questioning. If you believe this your an idiot. Its a joke.  Not happening anymore.

 DUI Laws Run Amuck In America

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You’ve also lost you 4th amendment rights as well. Click below to learn more about your rights


Here’s the deal not everyone who is accused of a DUI is guilty.  Many individuals are arrested everyday across the country and falsely charged.  

 DUI Laws Run Amuck In America

Here’s why and what you need to understand. Police do not need any real evidence to arrest you.  All it takes is the police officer’s OPINION that you look intoxicated.

Then your screwed. If you refuse they can strap you down and take your blood. Cops are no longer your friends. Avoid them like the plague. They are NOT here to help you.

They are here to violate your basic rights by a tyrannical government. Get this is in your head – They don’t care about YOU.

Overzealous cops want to make arrests at any cost is the main challenge here. A false charge like this costs an innocent person ten’s of thousands, lost pay from days off from work, stress, anxiety and the humiliation from the social stigma surrounding a DUI charge.  The only action that was ‘criminal’ here was the unjust arrest and charge by the police. These guys are the criminals here at YOUR expense. Cops no longer serve “we the people” they serve big brother.

While citizens suffer huge losses, the police who falsely charged them face no sanctions at all.  Such is the way of the police state of the USA. This isn’t the land of the free.

 DUI Laws Run Amuck In America

Many states have “implied consent” laws that allow breath test refusals to be submitted as evidence during a DUI case. Most states even have penalties for refusing a breath test. It’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of your state’s DUI laws to get an idea of what you can expect.

 DUI Laws Run Amuck In America

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The cops don’t need ANY evidence to arrest you

Kiss your constitutional rights good bye. You don’t have any in America anymore. Well not for these charges and others. Your losing all your rights in America slowly but surly this is a FACT

 DUI Laws Run Amuck In America

Did you know the tyrannical government has completely stripped you of your constitutional rights regarding a DUI.

The Constitution reads as follows; “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Something is terribly wrong here. We’ve allowed this tyrannical government to remove our rights regarding a specific charges such as DUI this is absolutely outrageous. According to the Constitution of the United States someone accused of child molesting should have exactly the same rights as someone who robbed the bank. The Constitution gives these rights as a citizen of the United States and not to a specific criminal charge. What the hell is happening to our country here.

 DUI Laws Run Amuck In America

We better wake up because we are being ruled by terrorists. It’s no wonder the citizens of this country hate law enforcement so much. They do not serve the people any longer.  They are the taskmasters of the tyrannical government to remove our rights.

Law enforcement terrorizes us with these unconstitutional laws and puts us down like disobedient slaves as if we’re here to serve the government. They got that ass backwards for sure.

This is NOT what our founding forefathers intended but what our to radical terrorist government delivered to the citizens of America. The system is completely corrupted and bent toward our tyrannical government. Citizens are realizing the government has it wrong THEY are the terrorists and not WE the citizens.

The government is meant to serve and protect, but these guys got it completely wrong they think we are a bunch of slaves. This is a real dangerous trend in America as we are  incrementally losing our rights one at a time. Replace these tyrannical politicians before our government becomes a complete terrorist organization.

 DUI Laws Run Amuck In America

In America the Constitution guarantees that you should be presumed innocent unless proven otherwise. Well it’s not the way it works anymore. If you’re arrested for DUI the police officer will immediately steal your drivers license and will not return it.

This is a form of punishment have you ever tried to live in this country without the ability to drive. Your constitutional have been violated. You also have not had the opportunity talk to a lawyer, see a judge or post bail. You are presumed guilty on the spot.

This is the earmark of a tyrannical government in a dictatorship style of government. So much for the constitution. Its worthless in America. Thanks MADD  and all the other lobbyists for destroying our country.

 DUI Laws Run Amuck In America

 DUI Laws Run Amuck In America

Car 54 where are you? One Adam 12 see the man. As a child growing up in this country I watched a number of police shows. It became evident that your Miranda rights is the very foundation of our freedoms. Almost every American in the United States watched enough TV to know that the Miranda rights are mandatory.

But guess what they don’t seem to magically apply to DUIs for some reason? The tyrannical government has again found you don’t have Miranda rights anymore with regards to a DUI.

Can anyone can shed some light on this? The simple fact is you’ve lost your Miranda rights and I doubt anybody even knows why? I don’t. WTF happened to them?

Do Not Talk 2 Cops

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Have you been arrested and taken to jail for DUI, you feel confident that you will be allowed to talk with an attorney before questioning or being asked to give incriminating evidence against yourself. This is true in all crimes except this charge, again you have lost all your rights Americans. Just another nail in the coffin making you a slave to the state.


The government knowingly destroys all evidence. You are asked (under forced blood draw) to submit to a breath test. The machines are capable of preserving a sample for additional testing. The Government, knowing there will be no punishment for destroying evidence, has chosen not to maintain the sample, yet they are allowed to introduce their evidence and you have no recourse to challenge this evidence.  Your screwed once again by the tyrannical government. 

help you

Regardless the “Constitutional exceptions” (lack of rights) in these cases, attorneys are still finding ways to fight these charges across the country

 DUI’s are the ‘cash cow’ for our court system. Court costs for a first time DUI are higher than for a felony drug possession. There are numerous reasons your case is being placed on a ‘fast track’. There are many powerful forces striving to increase the number of DUI convictions throughout our nation. Its about one thing and one thing only. Money for the tyrannical government and many for profit companies like the insurance industry. They all want to demonize you to make money!



The Constitution guarantees an accused the right to face their accuser in court before a jury. This is the Right of Confrontation. In DUI cases, the accuser is most often a machine that makes mathematical conversions to reach a number. This mathematical conversion is secret because the manufacturer considers it‘proprietary’. Math is generally considered to be an absolute and no one owns it, but in DUI cases you will not know the method used to compute your number because it is proprietary to the manufacturer. Your screwed again

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Law Enforcement Run Totally Amuck In America – Better Get A Good Lawyer. Looks Like Your Typical Police Car Doesn’t It? ROTFL

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