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G-Tab negative results – Opt in rates dropped 35% and up to 50% in some cases 

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Google open rates dropped 14% to 15% trending from May 2013

Do you need to fix your opt in rates?


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My horror story about G-tabs & how it killed clients open rates  opt-in rates and how we fixed it

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It was about 2 am and the phone started ringing. I answered and screaming on the other end was one of my best customers from China. He speaks broken English. I usually have a hard time understanding him, but this morning something was very different. He was really pissed off. He kept screaming “Fix My Opt In Rate”.  My ears were burning. I  hung up on him because this was not even a conversation. Hanging up on my best customer was not what I had in mind,  and its not what we’re here to do. Marketing Bad.

Normally, I would tell a customer to open a trouble ticket (Fix My Opt In Rates)  Then, I would look in the morning.  However, this client was very special and represents one of my best PPC (pay per click) customers, with a burn rate well in excess of 100k monthly.

I needed to fix this and fast. The client represents a large percentage of my own personal revenue.   Four years in a row his company paid for 100’s of squeeze pages and dozens of small niche websites and paid fast. A huge PPC model too. Up to now everything was going great. A good customer and I was determined to keep him. Thanks G.

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When I got up, I headed to the shower having a major panic attack. My mind was racing. What could be wrong with the PPC model? I thought about all the different things that could be wrong but nothing made sense.

Now for the sake of others who manage such things, this specific PPC model was about four years old.  Over a 1000 hours of tweaking and thousands of ads. All split tested and proven.

The model burned over 7 figures per year and was completely dialed in. It was a red hot asset and my flagship. The KPI’s (key performance indicators) of the model reflected my personal best. I carried Google analytic reports to major conferences to ensure my bragging rights. Many were amazed at the results.

When I got to the office my first task was to look at the PPC model and make a quick determination of the problem. As I reviewed the metrics, and to my great surprise the PPC model was screaming. Ok great!

Then my thoughts, something went amiss with the landing pages or the autoresponder.  I took a quick look at the autoresponder queues and to my horror I saw thousands of “confirmation Pending” records stuck. These are leads for the client and represented 10’s of 1000’s of PPC dollars gone up in smoke. Oops somebody isn’t going to be happy. Of course they will blame the IT guy. That’s me.


Is Google’s new in box is killing your companies promotions?



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I quickly called the vendor and they were fast to defend the big brand white labeled autoresponder claiming it was running without  issue. However the vendor pointed out that Google may be “doing something different.”

I guess what disturbed me the most was the attitude of the autoresponder companies claiming nothing was wrong and everything was working fine despite the fact tons of records were hung up as “confirmation pending” in the queues. Somehow it was my fault they suggested. The email address, the content something was wrong but it wasn’t “their” problem according to them. Well it is “their” problem as I see it.

The vendor went as far as to send me a link to their “white label certification” which showed 99.8% delivery rate  (forgot to mention it took hours sometime to receive) while at the same time beating on their chest trying to convince me how great they are. Marketing failure.

Soon became obvious I was not going to get straight answers from them. One of the largest white label autoresponder brands we all know and love. Sad to mislead customers like that if you ask me. I no longer trust them as a result. I control a good size budget for services and soon to be performing “well” somewhere else. Not their problem?

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Gmail open rates dropped 14% to 15% trending from May 2013

I am truly blessed. My client is a multi-million dollar concern and spared no expense providing me the best tools in the business. Whatever I ask for I immediately get. It wasn’t long before I discovered (about June 2013) that a huge DROP in G mail open rates occurred. My analysis indicated it was in the neighborhood of 14 to 15 percent. The is huge advertising loss with a negative impact on outbound advertising campaigns that translates into millions of dollars in lost conversions. So needless to say the clients ROI had started trending downward. Oh no I’m going to catch hell.<again>

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Clients opt in rates dropped 35% and up to 50% in some cases

There was a time when everybody loved Google because they provided great tools that made our lives easier and Google was a great company for this very reason. Now this giant is doing things making THEIR lives easier without regard to the community that feeds them. So I predict this will change the way the world feels about Google if this mindset continues. I expect we will see a big hit to Google’s wallet in the near future. (Thinking sell sell sell). I  mean why else would Google be carpet bombing every business on the planet with free $100.00 ad-words certificates?

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Its a pattern we’ve seen many times before when a company forgets what and who made them great.  Eric, BTW I can fix G+ for you. Have your people call my people and we can work it out. Hell yes, I’m serious, been thinking about this for a while and I have it all figured out. It’s the same trick we used @ Novell (you missed that one didn’t you).

In order to test the auto responders and the double opt in mindset, we set up 100 fresh pop 3 email accounts, called one of the biggest, well respected white label responder providers, spun up a squeeze/landing page (included auto responder embed form) and built a simple PPC model to drive some traffic. This is what we found.

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Approx 35% (higher in other tests) of leads were dropped. The following represents the scenarios that occurred;

  • When the confirmation email was sent, it triggered Goggle spam filter, the lead was lost  and the confirmation got hung in the auto responder queue, (no confirmation) and no way to regenerate the confirmation email from the responder platform for 30 days.
  • The confirmation did eventually arrive up to 20 minutes later, however the eyeball was long gone and never confirmed, the lead was lost  (no confirmation) and no way to regenerate the confirmation email from the responder platform for 30 days.
  • The confirmation disappeared all together, although inconclusive, it  seemed to be on AOL or Hotmail platforms. The lead was lost (no confirmation) and no way to regenerate the confirmation email from the responder platform for 30 days.

Over all our testing revealed leads were dropped approximately 35% of the time. This is a pretty serious hit folks. If I told you I was going to kill 35% of your lead stream on the back end and make 15% of your marking ineffective on the front end, most CMOs in the business would pull a Donald Trump, ” Your Fired!”

Oh did I tell you this drives your ppc marketing up 20%- 40% just to sustain the same lead stream results. Funny how that worked out. G if your reading this many of our larger accounts seriously slashed PPC budgets since campaigns delivery fell for the same budgets.




These results above we affectionately call the “G-Tab effect.” So when we get a client complaining about a huge drop in ROI, conversions rates and lead streams the first thing we check for is G-Tab related issues.  Still pretty early in the game, but eight out of ten times the challenge can be directly associated to the G-Tab effect. To correct this is our challenge.


Solutions to “Fix My Opt In Rates”

Let me first start by tell you why I wrote this article. A large number of my clients complained and I grew tired of explaining it. It burned up a lot of my time. I got off the phone three days ago and a new client told me, “Do you have something written up so I can read about the issues and solutions?”.  I promised her to write up our testing results and possible solutions so she could have a better understanding.

Ok, you need solutions. Here are a few that won’t cost you much but time. Instead of “praying” to the G gods, place a notice on your sign up pages asking your prospect to go hunt for your confirmation. Good luck with this, but it does help a few percentile. If you’re a real smart e marketer place a notice on top of all campaign templates.

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Stop servicing G mail addresses all together. I have clients with huge email databases. We are in the business of scoring profiles. Now we’re devaluing all prospect/profiles that contain G mail address. So if your a prospect in our list with a G mail address you no longer get big dollar attention. In fact you may not get any attention at all. These big companies don’t want to invest in G mail that’s not deliverable and many CMO’s think its a waste of advertising dollars.

I got my 1st ECO request in a few days ago about this. A large brand advertiser wants us to write a filter on the  landing pages that refuses to accept G mail addresses. They are “to problematic and costly to service” the ECO (engineering change order) description reads.

This isn’t a small request, this company has over a thousand landing assets. I talked to a few of my colleagues and they are taking similar actions. Many are not happy about the new G-mail tabs. Especially when it costs them 1000’s of new advertising dollars to correct.

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We put together a better mouse trap on the back end to effect     “Fix My Opt In Rates”

We met with a number of our auto responder vendors and decided to build a new back end for our clients that doesn’t suffer from “no confirmation”  as experienced by using other big brand white label responder solutions. A half of million dollars later we have a great solution in place and our clients are very happy. We started testing and the solution, works extremely well I might add.

So if you need to “Fix My Opt In Rates” please click on the easy below and take a look at the solution we put together. We can truly help you if your experiencing the G-Tab effect and need some help fixing your opt in rates. The contact us button works too top right main menu bar too.

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To fix your response rates, opt-in rates, lead streams and keep yourself out of G-spam bucket hit the easy button below


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