LeadPlayer Review – Product Fails G+ testing with disastrous results

Lead Player Fails 

Destroy’s client browsers

Trashed users web sites

Proven to corrupt browser code on YT API failures

If your developing with this product – it may eat your clients browsers resulting in a trouble ticket for you to service while upsetting your best customers too

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LeadPlayer Product Rating

If your using this tool it will hose your website for all who view with G+

Product Link http://www.leadplayer.com/

Note: Same Company That Makes LeadPages

LeadPlayer Rating..

Tumbs down

LeapPlayer Review Summary

When I first saw this player (LeadPlayer) I thought it was slick. Now its a nightmare. A new product with serious challenges in my professional opinion. A dark side that could cost you dearly. We invested over 100 man hours incorporating this tool into a few client sites and this CBSE site as well. Roughly $4000 in labor/development.

Shortly after we had the LeadPlayer well integrated into our CBSE site (this site) and a few of our key customers sites, the YouTube API failed. What happened next as a result was a disaster wasting many man hours in our organization and pissing off 100’s good customers.

What happens when the YT API failed a browser using this tool would corrupt and the only way to repair was to reload the browser. We noted other browsers not running LeadPlayer had no issue what so ever. We have a number of landing pages with heavy traffic using JWplayer during the last YT API failure and experienced no issues.

Whiteboard-Videos 1

The came the bomb – When logging into G+Leadplayer completely tanks (SLOW loading of clips) SO all squeeze pages using this Leadplayer, Adwords quality scores tanked resulting in additional advertising costs. So LeadPlayer will kill any page its embeded into when viewed with G+.

If thats not bad enough no conversions were realized because the load time was so slow paid eyeballs bounced off the page wasting even more money. So from a marketing standpoint Leadplayer was a complete disaster for us and our clients. We lost over 5k on this product and upset good customers.

The support for this product needs to be mentioned as well. When everything went upside down we attempted to contact their “World Winning Support”. This was further complicated because of the ZEN help desk gizzmo Leeadplayer uses. They have the password requirements turned up so high we needed to do numerous password resets just to get in touch. Wasting more time and adding frustration as we watched in horror our primary on-line assets self destruct.

We finally got back rosey flavored emails with no real help or suggestions. To date we haven’t received anything other than how freaking great they are. I would like to point out this company has no phone as well. WTF? World Class Support?

Anamation Build ur own

Leadplayer’s idea of support is a G+ page – we posted our challenge looking for help only to be booted from the community and our post deleted. Talk about getting slapped in the face by LeadPlayer. So if you have a challenge with this Leadplayer YOU WILL FIND NO HELP THERE !


We are waiting to see if the vendor can make the tool work in a reasonable time – Otherwise we need a different solution – One that works.

To date no solutions from the vendor. Its been over 3 days now. Check back later – Tks@R

Well its official LeadPlayer doesn’t work with G+ See post below from Leadplayer – They did honor their money back guarantee 

YouTube News

Here are screen sessions of the various tests we performed

1)  http://youtu.be/x0K6VBnXB4Y
2) http://youtu.be/VuzR1UM8soM
3) http://youtu.be/4JAp9I-pRM4

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