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Best pratices

Above video clip was submitted by LI corp so its included here as well (probably because this page is everywhere – I have lost track how many groups in in – but more than a few)


Note: This is a crowd source document so its a dynamic document subject to change at ant time.  Many people are contributing to it. 

LinkedIn Best Practices – Get published on LinkedIn groups fast?

We’ve all been there. Worked our cans off to produce really GREAT content. After submitting it to our favorite LI group, dissipated into thin air?
What happened? Why? Whats wrong with those Mods? Are they crazy, this is really HOT stuff? Ahhhh


As a moderator, I see many of the same great people working hard to get something into the discussion area. I own and moderate a number of groups here on linked-in. The largest single group I mod is approximately 345,000+ members. I manage a few large FB communities as well. One over 2m members and several 1M+ communities. Additionally, I have a couple large G+ communities growing fast too.

So I do have some experience with SM.  I wanted to give you a few tips from our side (as LI moderators)  to help community members achieve success. And a few things for owners and moderators from the user communities they service.

Our focus is on content that engages the community into discussions. So submissions need to ask the community a question. The content needs to be engaging to be approved. For example;

“Are you having trouble getting published on LinkedIn? We did  until I learned these simple concepts. Can you help the community with better submissions? Do you need more content to understand?” How can we help you ? Any great suggestions?

(Group moderators feel free to use this page as desired and make any suggestions. Many mods are posting this and flagging as  managers choice)


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Moderators 1
These are suggestions by moderators here on LinkedIn (some of the best I might add) Remember we are people too working hard for you.  Help us help you. Got a suggestion? See below. We are here to help you in every way. Have a challenge reach out.

Moderators & Owners –  A few submissions for you from the user community. Hear their voice too! Without them you would NOT have a group!


  • First and foremost READ the group rules. Each group is different and allows different things.
  • Some Mod’s will SWAM you for the slightest infraction – Know who and what your dealing with. This varies by group and moderators. What is SWAM and how does it work?  Click here for  SWAM
  • We encourage debate and expressing different views. That’s the purpose of groups. To share idea’s. When debating keep it professional and NO name calling please. It usually ends poorly for all involved. This is one of my pet peeve’s, be nice at all times.
  • Do not post irrelevant topics to the group threads – we consider this spamming – stay on topic.
  • Probably a good idea not to post about SWAM in any group. Some Mod’s love the ability, others (mainly individuals who have been swam’ed ) really hate it and are very passionate about the topic. Either way, this will get you in trouble fast in a community. Its a best to Google the term and post in the blogs that discuss it openly and avoid the topic. Otherwise some moderator is going to nail you.
  • Just because you started a discussion doesn’t mean you own it. No Bulling community members. If you see your post disappear this means a mod is taking issue with something you posted. Slow down and pay attention. Do NOT re-post anything a mod removes. It will end poorly for you  if you do.
  • If you try and take over a thread it will end poorly for you. Please be courteous to community members.  Specifically yield to “Top Contributors” for best results,
  • As Mods we work with a number of different owners in other groups – DO NOT spam multiple groups with the same post. We like all the content to be unique. If you do this you will have challenges with more than one moderator.
  • If your a moderator and the thread is done – don’t let it continue – this fragments your community and confuses people. Close it out our stall the chatter.
  • LinkedIn lets you join 50 groups – join them by relevance NOT by numbers please.
  • If your a group owner – please process your moderation queue in a timely manner – its rude to the user community not to do so  (over 48  hours is too long)
  • If you need help with moderation – get in touch we can help you
  • If your an owner – make sure you have contact information posted so users can communicate with you in the event of challenges. This is important.
  • If your part of a user community (group) and your in moderation for more than a few days (3 to 5) – complain to LI customer service and to others about the group. This will have an affect – You should not be treated this way. If it continues just leave the group – Their are plenty of groups on LI that desire good community members and will treat you well.
  • If your thinking about leaving a group BEFORE you get SWAM’ed after posting a stink bomb – think again – A moderator can SWAM you AFTER you have left a group. All they need is an object/post to work their magic – this strategy does NOT work

Anybody Else ?  (I will post with proper credits if you include them)

Suggested I add  “What Is The Goals Of  Good Moderator” Looking for suggestions please submit and I will add accordingly – this is more of a crowd source document for all to have a voice so feel free to submit something.


These kinds of posts (below) will gain you disfavor quickly from moderators and usually NOT result as a positive experience. The submissions are as follows:

Self promotional submissions are generally earned (top contributors) by submitting great content and engaging the community. Most large successful groups are run like a magazine and we need good editorial content to make the group a success.

Think of moderators like editors looking to approve great content. Some groups allow promotional content. Participate in the group discussions for best results by submitting great content and the moderators will remember WHO you are.  

If ALL you submit is self promotional content that is remembered as well by group moderators.

Look guys – We can see instantly ALL posts you make in the group. If all we see is submissions (usually with links) your pretty much done at that point. Keep it up and you probably will be removed. No kidding – it’s a lot of work, takes a lot of time to keep deleting  self promoting submissions (several 100 per day – about 4 hours) with no value.  Really starts getting annoying after a few 100… and we keep seeing you doing it over and over again.  Now what would YOU do ?

This is what a non-contributing link bomber looks like – See below


Would you approve this submission (above) if you were responsible for building community – not likely !

Food for thought. If moderators allow all self promotional content the group turns to mud and has no value to the community with nothing but SPAM.  Help us build the group with a mix of GREAT content and some well deserved promotional content for your concern if you participate in our community.

This is an example of a contributing member that will receive promotional consideration. If your building community you want many of these !

Contributing 1

Contributing 2.

Other Things that will gain you POOR favor quickly with moderators. READ READ!

NOT… POSTING NEGATIVE SMART ASS COMMENTS about a Moderator will get you in  BIG trouble fast. It’s “ok” to have an opinion we respect that – but be disrespectful and you’ll be out of the game FAST – I can promise you that.

NOT… Website or phone in title (Your post/submission will be deleted in most cases) – See more about this below – LI seems to be cracking down on this.

NOT… Overly self promotional PLEASE

NOT… This is my latest blog entry

NOT… In a different language (if the group is in English – post in English)

NOT… Political content unless a political group please

NOT… This is my new ???

NOT... This a picture of my girlfriend

NOT... What’s your favorite websites/blogs (deleted & may block you for good)

NOT...  Promotional survey’s / study’s

NOT ... How to lose 200 lbs in 1 day (unless weight loss group)

Not…. Get rich with MLM in ten minutes (c’mon stop this nonsense – block you we will)

NOT … This is why we are so great

NOT…  Our company was awarded the golden goose award

NOT…  Me Me Me Me… send Me-Mail about our new gizmo – I’m here to help

NOT…  this is our latest publication what do you think

NOT…  If its a “How To” with a link, it probably wont get to feature in our Discussion section – Because its not about engaging our members here within the group.

Important Common Sense Stuff Folks – Remember on a busy day we can have several hundred submissions per hour!

If its a job – Post it in Jobs – Don’t expect a moderator to move it (otherwise its deleted)

If its a promotion – Post it in promotions – Don’t expect us to move it (otherwise its deleted)

If we do allow a link – it has to load under 15 seconds – otherwise deleted

And… if you pitch your post to similar groups, why would we want to run it here? ” Please don’t spam the groups – we are not interested in content that’s been posted everywhere

If the group is a “CMO” group your subject needs to be about CMO related stuff – Keep your posts related to the group topic – Don’t post about toasters – nobody cares in this group about toasters. Go find the “Toaster Are Us” group join & post – I’m sure they will love your toaster post.

Did you Know? There are more and more LI groups that will not allow any links with posts? That will throw you out of the group if you do. (Pay attention to this one – read the rules)

And then there are the groups  that allow just about anything (except perhaps actual Discussions) and get almost zero Comments (again pay attention to the group you are posting  and read the rules)

Mod’s run into this situation a lot in many groups – Phone number and/OR URL in the title header. There is no faster way to get swam’ed and have your LI account terminated without notice by LI. (The follow was submitted by mod’s that manage some of the largest groups on Linked)

You want to get swam’ed immediately  and reported to CS for account termination – give the mod who informs you about this violation a bunch of backtalk.

This is against the LinkedIn User Agreement(§10.2,.6), and inserting the above type material in the title of your profile – the area just below your name (§10.2.8.c). There are also Privacy Policy issues that go along with this.

Two years ago, in the largest group I help manage, 12 members were spammed because they had one or both of these in the name or title field. The effect multiplied quickly. Fortunately, I had a contact at LinkedIn Trust and Safety who quickly remedied the situation.

When I see these in groups, I have a ‘UA violation’ email I send out. If in the RTJ queue, they are declined. If they write and want to know why, they get the email as well. We also have a Group Rule about the proper place for ‘promotions’. Anyone with this stuff in their name or title field is promoting themselves, and most often, only for a connection. They are caught, they get the email.

Additional LI CS may terminate your LinkedIn account if someone complains about this.

If you have a user that gives you a bunch of lip about this one email a complaint to the “Safety & Trust”  usually terminates the account without notice if you send with the complaint proof you notified the user. I have developed a good relationship with that department. I suggest other mods do the same.

Just remember being a moderator isn’t any fun sometimes – on a good day we’ll see maybe 300 submissions just in one group alone? And only 5 or 6 will get approved – Hows that for customer satisfaction ? (bitch bitch bitch) Still want to be a moderator?

The pay isn’t very good and the emails from the community are sometime very unpleasant;

1)You freak^%$8 jerk I worked all day on that you’re an idiot

2) Your picture makes you look like you’re 1000 years old A^^%$ H**&^

3) You had a typo on your last post, therefore I think your an idiot – where did you go to school anyway? You stupid redneck?

These are the glowing compliments we get for working sometimes ten hours a day for the community for FREE.

Don’t you love it ?

disapproved 1

We have hundreds of submission that do NOT pass the test of community engagement. If your submission looks like these (below) chances are you won’t get published. Please take a second to understand what we are looking for as a community. Watch the clip below and understand what doesn’t work. It will help you understand what does work.  

Help reduce moderators editing time (4 hours on some days)  – submit good stuff that we can approve.  P L E A S E ! !


The goal is to have the best content for the group.  We need your help when submitting.  Will you help us?


We need engaging content. Watch below and learn what doesn’t work & why ..


This is what a submission queue (above) on a good size group looks like to a moderator. 100’s of submission daily with no engagement pretty much all self promotional. Do this and  most likely the submission will be deleted. Watch this clip above and learn what NOT to do!  Don’t waste your time or the moderators!  Do it right and help your concern and the community too ! Building a good relationship with a moderator can go a long way – send connection requests and get to know them. Marketing GOOD!

Pay attention FAKE profiles can have a negative affect on your account !


Pay Attention Folks your Linked asset is VERY important to your efforts

Please remember folks you provide the gateway for spammer. Its very important NOT to approve just anybody for a connection. These connections use software tools to run up and down the members of your group and spam.  You provide the access.
If that’s not enough motivations when LI tries to reduce the spam associated with these fake profiles, there is a chance your account can get nailed and deleted too with these fake accounts.
Fake profiles have small number of connections, many times no contact information. Pay attention the loss of your LI asset can IMPACT you ! Here is a sample below. I will be adding more information about this.
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Fake 1More Fakes
Fake 2
Links 1
LinkedIn Strat

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Linked 3
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Thank You 2

I have left comments open on bottom of this page. If you have anything positive or negative to add please sound off and don’t be shy.

Got GREAT tips for the community ?

Anything we can do better as moderators or owners? We are open to suggestions to make our communities a better place for you. Post it below and I will pull up the good stuff when I close out the page.

I am looking forward to meeting each one of you personally. I built this page with the intent of helping everyone in the user community. Much of this content was submitted by community, owners and Moderators. LinkedIn is a fantastic social media platform. I hope this helps.

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Robert Henslee


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