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Why Use Squeeze Pages?

If you are an Internet business, you will need to attach customers in order to be successful. Unfortunately many consumers are leery about giving their contact information out to people online. Many times people are afraid of getting the email inboxes spammed, infecting their computer with a virus or spyware, or getting telemarketing phone calls.

In order to put a consumer at ease Internet companies can use squeeze pages, which will invite the prospect to provide their contact information. Squeeze pages are web pages that tend to be very minimal in content. Generally speaking, they will briefly introduce a company or product, provide some information about it, and have a form that will allow the user to provide contact information such as an email address for follow up information.

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This is a great solution because the squeeze page is unobtrusive for the user and allows them to learn a little bit about the product or service the squeeze page is introducing without being fully committed. The squeeze page also helps the online business, because they can be search engine optimized which makes the business more visible online, and it provides the business with pre-qualified customers who provided their contact information.

Coaching by Subject Experts delivers high quality yet affordable online marketing assets such as squeeze pages and teaches businesses how to use them effectively. The squeeze pages are appealing and encourage a user to visit them. They are also user friendly so that the user does not get frustrated and leave the page because they couldn’t figure out how to enter contact information. Lastly Coaching by Subject Experts can make squeeze pages that are rich in audio and video content. This gives you the opportunity to share your business in a sound bite or infomercial.

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The team at Coaching by Subject Experts specializes in start up companies. They will help you market your new business on the web and become profitable faster. Because the advertising is priced with start up budgets in mind, you will be able to take advantage of high quality marketing assets that will build brand awareness online. Coaching by Subject Experts makes squeeze pages that really convert, giving you the opportunity to sell to a pre-qualified consumer who is coming to you as opposed to you going to them.

This will benefit your business through more closed sales, brand awareness, and more exposure on the Internet. Coaching by Subject Experts also stays up to date with search engine optimization and will make sure that your squeeze page will continue to rank high even if search engines like Google are penalizing squeeze pages. They will also support you by teaching you how to deploy the Internet assets effectively and by continuing to follow up to make sure you are getting the best return on your investment. If you are a startup and need assistance building a presence online, consider taking a look at Coaching by Subject Experts.

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