Telehealth Future Of Medicine


New technologies such as telehealth help improve health care services for paticents. For technology to work it must work for the people it is meant to help – the patients and the professionals delivering care. Telehealth  helps ensure patients get the right care in the right place at the right time and aims to make the home into the preferred place of care, whenever possible. If the home, or place of residence, is going to be the preferred site of care the caregiver in the home and caregiver support in the local community becomes vewy  important. The person who is usually there to deal with the fears and frustrations of the patient as they cope with their illness each day, transport them to the clinics and provide personal care is the caregiver in the home..







For patients who have a health problem like diabetes, chronic heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, getting treatment can be complex and inconvenient.

For some, especially older patients, conditions like these can make it difficult for them to remain living independently in their own home and make it necessary for them to go into a nursing home where their symptoms and vital signs (pulse, weight, temperature etc) can be checked frequently. Having this information helps physicians and nurses can change medications or other treatments and prevent serious health problems from developing.

Now there are new technologies that make it possible to check on symptoms and measure vital signs in the home. Special devices (home telehealth) can do this and are easy to use. Telehealth can connect a patient to a facility from home using regular telephone lines.

Telehealth has found that not every patient is suitable for this kind of care. But, for those that are,  telehealth can help them to remain at home and live independently.


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