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Getting testimonials from your customers

 Getting testimonials: in recent times, testimonials are getting more and more important to have, and getting them can be quite hard. In a world in which social media rule, and word of mouth has enormous power, video testimonials especially have been gaining ground fast. You don’t want to be the last one on the bandwagon, so you have to act now. But how do you get testimonials from your customers? We give you the low down in this article.

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Written or video testimonials ?

Customers are happy to give testimonials

The basic premise regarding testimonials is that customers that are very satisfied with the product or service you are offering are very happy to provide a video testimonial when they are asked. Customers that have had a positive experience with you do want to tell others about this experience. People love sharing! The key advice here is to ask your customers about their experiences when they are on the top of their satisfaction level with your service or product. The positive feelings about your service or product should hence be at its highest level. They will most likely say yes to your request for a testimonial, and furthermore give you an awesome testimonial in the process because they’re right in the sweet spot regarding enthusiasm about you and your service.


Ask your customers for their opinion

You shouldn’t bother your customers with your request for a testimonial. A small reward could form a perfect incentive and a good thank you – but keep it within the lines of decency. Furthermore you’re adding value because you’re creating a win-win situation: you thank your client, and your client offers you a valuable testimonial. Be sure to make the recording experience as short and compact as possible, to further reduce any thresholds. It should be quick and clean. Subsequently, your customers will definitely give you invaluable testimonials that will surely add value to your business.

There is an art to making high performing testimonials, I should know I have made thousands of them for business large and small. Testimonials should tell a story about you. If you have questions just get in touch. I can help you.

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