THC DUI in Colorado

thc dui

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THC DUI in Colorado

Marijuana is different from alcohol in the sense that it can stay in your system longer. Especially in the case of a chronic user. Such in the case of a “medical marijuana” user. A medical marijuana user may use more often than a recreational marijuana user.  So the level in their blood may test at or above the legal limit even though they aren’t impaired at the time, So going forward this will create some legal issues.




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This legal limit is NOT REALISTIC

THC DUI  in Colorado- 5 nanograms per milliliter. The legal limit of THC that Colorado drivers can have in their blood is 5 nanograms per milliliter. Allen St. Pierre, the executive director of NORMAL says, “Measuring five nanograms does not measure impairment. You can have individuals who have stopped using marijuana two weeks ago, two months ago. In some cases, if they were losing weight, they could still test over 5 nanograms.”


Do You Need To Contest A DUI?

You’ll have no rights unless you fight for them. You are NOT a slave and don’t let these so called officials push you around. If you need a good lawyer to fight for your rights click the button below.

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