TPP Agreement-Hello America


TPP Agreement

TPP Agreement

Watch Out For This One Folks

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal is in trouble, as 170 members of the House of Representatives are reluctant to back the agreement. The TPP would open up markets between Pacific Rim countries.

However, the critics are focusing on the high level of secrecy surrounding the negotiations, where members of Congress are being shut out by powerful transnational corporations. The Obama administration wanted to fast track the approval of the TPP in Congress, meaning that senators could not filibuster the bill, nor could lawmakers amend the bill. Thankfully the 170 representatives who signed onto a letter refusing to fast track the bill could effectively kill the deal


And now the secretive negotiations aren’t so secretive anymore, as whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks published the actual text of one of the chapters of the agreement. RT’s Sam Sacks talks to James Love, director of Knowledge Ecology International, and Peter Maybarduk, program director of Public Citizen Global Access to Medicine, about the latest developments in the TPP negotiations.

TPP Agreement-Hello America

TPP Agreement

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Contact your local, state and government officials! Voice your opinion!

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TPP Agreement

The Obama administration wants to fast-track the TPP treaty through the US Congress, preventing Congress from amending or discussing any part of it. A bill to this effect was released last Thursday, 9 January, by the leaders of the Congressional committees with jurisdiction over US free trade agreements.


This could very well be the biggest threat to the internet that we have come across yet. Do you enjoy your digital freedom? Have you liked or shared something you found while enjoying your digital freedom?

This agreement could affect our freedoms on several levels. How would you like your ISP to shut you down because they don’t like your content. That is just wrong! ISPs would in fact be an enforcer of the law regulating your ability to voice your opinions. YES, even here in America!

Do you listen to music through your computer? Have you ever burnt a CD with some of your favorite music to listen to in the privacy of your own home, vehicle or office? As long as you’re not monetizing from it, there shouldn’t be a problem. Well you can forget about all that if this TPP agreement is not stopped. Don’t even think about singing aloud or even humming a song without paying for it first.

How about our intellectual property? That is, what hasn’t been sold, stolen and/or replicated yet.

TPP is why Obama trying to give away the internet click below and learn more about the internet give away

TPP Agreement


TPP Agreement-Hello America

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We aren’t allowed to see the text of this agreement, so what are these big corporate leaders hiding? Better yet, why are big corps in charge of our freedoms? Isn’t that the job of our officials? The officials “we” elect. Don’t” we” the people have a right to know what our officials are negotiating on our behalf?

It’s time to get involved in key decisions that could affect you and your freedoms.

These behind closed doors negotiations are


A list of some of the most egregious statements by this President would you believe ANYTHING he has to say? What say you ?

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