What is an USP Unique Selling Proposition and Why Do I Want Or Need One?

What us a USP Unique Selling Proposition

What is an USP? Pay attention to this one people, this can put serious money in your pocket and if you get it wrong will COST you serious money. The #1 failure for most concerns starts here.


There is nothing more mission critical than your USP “Unique Selling Proposition” for your business.

I have been in business well over 40 years now helping people get on-line and market their products and services. My clients are both big and small, from all over the world. Many have turned into great friends. Some with huge budgets and some with small marketing dollars.

As I sit here this morning building this page, I think of  the number one question always asked by clients over the years. What is an USP (unique Selling Proposition) and Why Do I want One?

As most of you know I am a moderator for some really great user communities and always asked the same question from the groups, year after year. Why USP?  Its very important to get right. So here it is. Over time community members posted good stuff about this topic and it helped me tremendously in my concern. It made a huge difference and I wish somebody would have told me before.  I bring it here in hopes it will help  everyone who studies it.

Lets start out with a number of good YouTube videos posted to our groups. Each one has a different level of expertise and way of explaining, so no matter “where” you are on your marketing journey, there is something here for you. You will soon discover nailing your USP isn’t easy and there is a lot to it. The clips are as follows in no particular order;

Starts a tad slow but well worth your time.

Ian Scott is a really cool character and has a simple approach/example that is liked in many of my start-up small business communities. A must watch if your just starting out.


My friends from Stanford School Of Business presents a man known well to me and who has financed many a start-up.

Tom Fountain from Mayfield Fund discusses how to better articulate your value proposition and turn your new venture into a success. This was voted as “best” by a large user community. If you have a start-up Tom is one of the best connections in the business to know.


Another group – The Direct Marketing Association is a really huge group and one of my good friends/executive Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director of MECLABS, his staff posted this.

Mainly speaks to emailing and very good if you’re a sophisticated larger brand. This guy is the real deal folks. Watch it you will learn something. Marketing is real science and this is one of the best companies in the business (my opinion). They have never failed me.


Unique Selling Proposition – Why You Need One?

Do you want to engage in marketing and business fields? Then, you have to learn the significance of USP, also known as Unique Selling Proposition. Like other novice businessmen, you probably don’t know its vital function. If you are, then, you don’t have to worry. You can use this guide to know everything about USP.

The Meaning of USP

A USP is the main piece of any marketing campaign. It is a statement that defines the uniqueness of the business. The best USP can be used as a company slogan. It should also be included into all of the company’s marketing activities.

This USP separates you from your competition. It takes smart business to get countless customers at hand. USP also allows you to inform your possible customers who you are, what you do, what makes your business unique and what makes you effective over others.

If you really want to beat the market competition, you have to create your own and effective USP. This is the best way of informing your customers about your offered products and services. With an effective USP, it is easy for you to expose your business to the public.

Benefits of USP

Creating your own USP provides multiple benefits. If you don’t know these multiple benefits, here they are:

  • Creates Trust – Unique Selling Proposition helps you in getting the trust of your customers. This is achieved through informing your clients what you can offer and what makes you effective compared to others.
  • Informs Your Customers about Your Business – With USP, you can easily tell to your customers who you are. It means that you can give wide information of your company and your standing in the market.
  • Makes Your Business on Top of the Market – Your effective USP allows your company to beat both small and huge competitors. Therefore, you can easily prove to your possible customers that you are the best among the rest.

Qualities of an Effective USP

Not all novice businessmen are aware on how to create an effective USP. If you are one of them, you have to expand your ideas. For your guide, here are the top qualities of an ideal and successful USP for both small and huge companies:

  • Unique and Enticing
  • Creates instant buzz
  • Can’t be easily copied by other competitors
  • Exciting to your possible customers

Steps-by-Steps on How to Create a Successful USP

Creating an effective USP is not an easy task. Before making your USP, you have to consider various things. Sometimes, making USP takes enough time and effort. This is often observed if you are not familiar with its exact procedures.

If you are planning to create an ideal USP, you have to conduct an extensive research. Depending on your choice, you are free to seek help from any expert. You can also ask some hints from your trusted business partners and friends. To help you in creating your own USP, here are the basic steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Know Your Competitors – To beat your competitors and to have a successful USP, you need to recognize some of your market competitors. It means that you need to study their websites, direct mail piece, yellow page add and a lot more.  You also need to joy down their USP and analyze how to develop it.

Step 2: Find Some USP Samples – If you don’t have any idea about the best USP in the market, you can start reading the different USPs of multiple companies. After checking the different unique selling proposition samples, it is easy for you to create an effective USP.

Step 3: Start Brainstorming – Before making your own USP, you have to think two or more USP samples. Then, decide which of them fit for your niche.  To do this, get your cards and jot down one feature, benefit and idea of your company. Make sure that you get enticing and unique USP.

Step 4: Be Clear and Specific – Always ensure that you define your business in detail.  To do this, you need to write a sales letter to introduce your target market’s offer. You have to inform your customers about your products or offered services.

Step 5: Know Your Target Market – To have an ideal USP, you need to have a specific target market. It means that you don’t need to sell your products to any buyer. Make sure that you are targeting a group to get an instant exposure.

Step 6: Describe Your Pledge– The best part of a successful USP is creating a promise to your clients. Always ensure that you specify the real benefits of your products and services. You have to guarantee that you will be satisfied with your offers.

Many thanks to the “CBSE” senior managers for their suggestions & input of above. Click link and join the community. Lots of great people there.

Challenges of Making Your Own USP

To attract more customers and get more sales, creating an effective USP is your best option. However, creating USP cannot be done in a few hours. You have to consider various things. If you are new to business world, you have to seek help from experts. With them, you don’t have to worry about your USP. They can help you in generating the best USP that suits for your business or niche.

How can get an ideal USP? The answer is very simple. Like other businessmen, you can depend on Coaching by Subject Experts or CBSE Company. With our company, you are certain that you can get the best and unique USP. We can help you in creating an ideal USP.

Unlike others, we are loaded with professional staffs and marketing tools. Our teams already knew how to make your USP more effective and eye-catching.  With our help, you don’t have to spend more time and money. You just need to contact us and you will get their witness how we work.

Are you excited to level up your business and beat your competitors? Then, make a right move now! CBSE Company is here to help you. With our company, you can easily know how to expose business products and services in the market. So, don’t hesitate to contact us and witness how we change your business operations now!

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Below Are Examples of Unique Selling Propositions (Study Them)

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