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We’ll take your message and write your whiteboard  script if required, create the illustrations and record the voice over. We’ll then put the whole thing together and deliver your finished whiteboard videos ready for wherever you want it – YouTube, your website or maybe just for a presentation!

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The next big trend in advertising is ‘Whiteboard Videos’ replacing whitepapers.  Now, you can massively increase your ROI using Whiteboard Videos.  Instantly catch and hold your audience’s attention with your own high conversion Whiteboard Videos that customers love.  Whiteboard videos also work for Optin Squeeze Pages and Affiliate Landing Pages…as well!

Companies and dozens of top agencies are making a killing right now using Whiteboard Videos replacing whiteboard papers.  You should be using them too.

We all know that whiteboard videos are the hottest trend in internet marketing since sliced bread.  The use of whiteboard video results are very high conversions because you gain the viewer’s understanding, engagement and ultimately, that makes prospects buy more and faster.

What works even better now is the application of proven direct response copy-writing in an engaging and entertaining ‘Whiteboard Video’ format!

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Whiteboard Videos hold your audience’s attention just like whiteboard papers but much more effectively than other types of video.  The fact is, whiteboard videos work big time because they increase the viewer engagement entertainment factor and educating the viewer while, in a stealth way, greatly increase the desire to purchase your products.

In fact, many top marketers and big companies are using this type of whiteboard video replacing whitepapers and making a killing selling their products and services right now; The Truth about Abs, The Fat Loss Factor, The Pimsleur Approach, UPS, Agora Publishing, Super Fast Yellow Pages and many, many more.

Affiliate marketers…you can use Whiteboard Videos on your website landing pages and squeeze pages for a great conversion and you will also stand out from the competition with your unique marketing approach.

We’ll provide you with great affordable Whiteboard Videos including professional design, professional voice-over, professional background music, professional quality animation, professional script writing and a fast turnaround. We design everything for you. Just look at the many example below and imagine how well whiteboard videos will work for you


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Drawing and sketching different kinds of pictures in a blank paper or white board is one of the most enjoyable forms of art from the old times up to the present. Many people were able to narrate some important events in the world and their personal experiences in life through the help of this artistic way of self expression. As time goes by and as the technology are continuing to create more advanced tools for all the tasks and ways of expression in this world, drawing and sketching are now made easier and upgraded. Drawing and sketching skills were made faster and digitalized when the so called white board animations were created.

Before, the ordinary way of making some drawings and clean sketches of a certain pictures requires pencil and a piece of white board or paper where the pictures will be created through the traditional or manual way of making some lines and curves that will assemble the replica or a new copy of the face and appearance of a certain person or individual. In white board animations, all these things are converted into a much easier process by only using a personal computer or a laptop. Every tool and design for a planned artwork is automated, but the results of each move are more organized and neat. Some mistakes in the sketches can be easily resolved without consuming too much materials and whiteboards.

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White board animations have some terminologies for its process of execution. Examples of its alternative names are animated doodling and video scribing. In its previous stages and times of existence in the world of modernized technology, this kind of automated drawing tool was used for some important purposes like advertisements and learning processes. Based on the records of its history, these white board animations were used before by many companies in promoting their new products in television. At the same time, the leaders of those companies who are using this automated tool for advertising are using it as an instant tool for explaining and discussing different kinds of policies and rules for all of their employees and newly hired staffs.

For some educational institutions, these white board animations were used before as the most effective tools for teaching human values and ethics to their students. The reason why this technology has dominated the field of education and business management before was its beautiful animations and meaningful scenes that are very easy to understand. Every person becomes more interested in a certain activity if it includes something that is new to their eyes. Few years ago, this computer automated tool was promoted as the most efficient tool for motivation and explanations.

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The first group of people that was responsible for the popularity of white board animations in the whole world was the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce or RSA. This organization belongs to the group of non-profit British institutions that are responsible for the promotion of enlightened thinking in the periods of late 2009 up to the present. The first sample of automated animations created by this group was a soundtrack of a thinker that was able to hit more than seven million views in the YouTube because of its amazing presentation. The RSA has inspired many people and other organizations to promote and to improve this kind of technology for drawing and making some examples of white board animations.

The white board animation before only uses the finished sketch and drawings of a certain artist and have an instant camera shoot of it to record its sequence in computer software and add some necessary animations and designs for the movements of the objects in each sketchboard. But now, all the necessary procedures and basic steps in completing an actual animation was made more convenient and efficient as the developers of this technology created a computer software for the automated sketchboards that will no longer ask for the use of markers for the process of sketching and drawing.

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Later on, white board animations were called RSA style which includes video scribing, fast draw and sketchboard animations. This is more popular now in televisions and digital advertisements around the world. The styles and quality of each RSA style varies on the price. This kind of artistic software is already a modernized way of self expression for artists around the world. They can still use their personal experiences and choices in making their own samples animated sketches. The only difference of this from the first versions of the tools is the fact that it is much easier to use as it’s provided with several buttons for minor adjustments and instant revisions. This automated tool is really great and it is the result of the latest studies in the production and creation of new computer software and programs that aim to preserve the real meaning of art and its benefits to people.

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In white board animations, artists do not just teach and inform people of what is being explained in their artworks, but they also give way for much effective learning and give lots of success to all of their clients who are now relying on the power of computers and digital gadgets. This technology also helps users save more time from their tasks in sketching and making animated videos. The time for the preparation of the animated videos is decreased, but the qualities of the products are increased. More advantages are available in the modern technology like this one that aims to assist users in executing various tasks without experiencing too much pressure. Impossible things are made possible through the existence of this automated tool that no other traditional practices can surpass. Some of its sample software are available on the internet for free downloads. Many companies have already proven the contributions of this modernized sketchboard tool for advertising and product promotions. Only those institutions that are very practical and flexible to the demands of the digital age will appreciate the importance of white board animations.

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This kind of technology was first discovered and promoted by the RSA of Britain also known as Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. This organization created a video soundtrack of a thinker as their first version for the white board animations in the whole world. The video was posted on the internet and it was able to hit more than seven million views because of its amazing presentation and features. The soundtrack of a thinker was promoted by RSA in late 2009 and it served as a reason for many people to practice the use of automated animations for some important discussions and learning process.


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Right now, the so called white board animations is considered as the best RSA-style for video scribing. It was named after the organization that first introduced it to the public as an honor to their great contributions in the power of the technology and computer software. Many companies nowadays are already practicing the integration of this automated animation tool for their advertisements, company meetings for employees and when a new product is needed to be promoted. Even educational institutions are also using this for their teaching process to motivate their students well and help them understand their lessons efficiently through the use of these video animations.


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